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Signing Presentation Guidelines

The signing of closing documents is a critical touch point in a mortgage loan transaction. This final mile is the lender’s last opportunity to serve its customer and earn the customer’s future business. And yet, the lender is not present with the borrower to sign closing documents. With so much riding on the customer’s experience at the closing table, the lender must rely on an independent contractor signing agent to represent the lender.

The SPW published the Signing Presentation Guidelines as a means for creating a consistent customer experience from loan to loan and signing professional to signing professional. It is a guideline signing agents can follow in conducting a mortgage finance or real property signing assignment.

In addition, the Signing Presentation Guidelines were also published to provide signing agents with descriptions of particular closing documents to present to the borrower. This will help the signing agent who, as a Notary Public, is generally prohibited from explaining documents, from providing unauthorized legal or financial advice to borrowers.

Download the Signing Presentation Guidelines (2016 Update) (PDF)