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Background Screening

The SPW Background Screening Standard specifies that signing professionals will undergo and pass an annual background screening that follows the search criteria and scoring metrics defined in the Standard.

One hundred and four separate offenses have been assigned a point value of 2 to 25 points. A cumulative score equal to or greater than 25 produces a fail result. In addition, a positive match on certain searches will automatically disqualify the applicant. The Standard specifies that a compliant background screening will search the following sources of data:

  • Social Security Number Trace
  • County Criminal Court Search
  • Federal District Court Search
  • Nationwide Criminal Database
  • Motor Vehicle Records Search
  • National Sex Offender database Search
  • USA Patriot Act including Terrorist Watch List
  • —United Nations Named Terrorist List
  • —Office of Foreign Asset Control Specially  Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons
  • —Bank of England Sanctions
  • —Department of Defense Trade Controls Debarred  Parties
  • —U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Unverified Entity List
  • —U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Denied Entity List
  • —U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Denied Persons List
  • —World Bank List of Debarred Firms

Please refer to the full specification for additional notes and limitations in these searches.

The SPW recommended that the Standard include annual background screening since signing professionals enter the offices and private residences and are privy to the private and confidential non-public personal and financial information of SPW members’ customers.

Download the Background Screening Standard Specifications (2022 Update) (PDF)